Our Family

Welcome to Simple Little Blessings!! I’m Lauren, wife to Eric and mom to Olivia, Noah, and Baby # 3 due May 2012. Eric and I were married September 14, 2007 after a 6 month engagement. We had met several years before and I am still so thankful that God saw fit to bring us together. Eric is a wonderful husband and father and his godly example/leadership in our home is something I praise God for everyday. We came together with common goals, one of them being the desire for children and the wisdom to raise them for God’s glory.


Olivia Louise was our first blessing to arrive! She was born September 21, 2008. Life is never dull with Olivia around. She has such a sweet, kind, and energetic spirit and fills our home with laughter everyday.


Noah Silas is our second blessing and he arrived December 16, 2009. Noah gave us a little scare a week after his birth when he had to be hospitalized for 6 days with RSV. Thankfully he pulled through like a trooper and is a very healthy little boy these days. Noah has a very loving disposition and is what we call our little cuddle buddy. He is always ready to shower you with kisses and hugs!


Our third sweet blessing is due to arrive May 3, 2012! We are praising God for this special little life and are looking forward to the birth.



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