It is so hard to believe that March is already here! This year is flying by even though the days are long. Life with two toddlers is a lot of work and very tiring at times, but the joy they bring to my life is something I wouldn’t trade for the world.


Last Friday it warmed up a bit (into the 50’s) and we headed to Nanny and Papaw’s (my parent’s) house to play. The kids also “helped” Papaw put together a new trampoline. 🙂


Friday night we went to my sis-in-law’s and picked up this bed for Olivia. Eric put it together Saturday and she was so excited to be sleeping on a big girl bed! I still have to purchase new bedding for the beds and Olivia has requested a “purple bed.” I think this bedding would be cute.


Noah came down with a stomach virus late Wednesday afternoon. Thankfully, it was very mild and we only had to clean up after him a few times. He was over it by Thursday morning and is back to his happy little self again!


This little girl is a talker. She wakes up talking and goes to bed talking 🙂 I guess I am paying for my raising because according to my parents and grandparents I was the same way. She has a very sweet spirit though and it is hard not to adore this little cutey even if she wakes you up at 4:30am talking 🙂


I’m 31 weeks now and I am not sure I can make it 9 more weeks. This has been the most uncomfortable pregnancy so far for me. Sleeping has become more and more difficult even with extra pillows. I feel huge and I have a feeling that this little boy is going to be a whopper big, healthy baby 🙂

The weather is gorgeous here and we are looking forward to a weekend of soaking up some sunshine!!