You can call me nosy but I love to see how other women “do” life each day. So when I saw this Day in my Life link up recently I thought it would be a lot of fun to participate. I picked a Monday because we stay at home on Mondays and I knew it would be easier to remember to take pictures if I wasn’t in the car or going much.


7am…my morning alarm. After a busy weekend are Monday started a little later than most days. Both kids woke up at the same time and Olivia and I spent a few minutes cuddling in the bed while Noah took a shower with Eric. Around 7:15 I crawled out of bed, made my cup of coffee, and started breakfast. Eric finished getting ready for work and I dressed the kids. Everyone ate breakfast and Eric left for work around 7:50.


8am…slow eater. Noah was still finishing his breakfast and I was cleaning up the kitchen. Olivia finished a PBS show on Netflix then headed off to play in her room. Noah soon joined her and I dressed and did my hair and makeup for the day. Since the kids were playing so well together I snuck off to my room for a few minutes of quiet time and caught up on my Bible reading plan.


9am…laundry. I try to do 1 load of laundry everyday, but over the weekend I tend to let it pile up. Monday is my catch up day. I also put some navy beans in the crockpot for supper and cleaned out the refrigerator. I grocery shop every other Tuesday and I like to have all the leftovers out and the shelves wiped off before I fill it back up again.


10am…chore/school time. The kids helped me finish a few chores around the house. After that I worked with Olivia on her preschool flashcards and both kids watched the Letter Factory. I took this opportunity to check Facebook and google reader.


11am…lunch time. The weather was beautiful yesterday so we packed up our lunch and headed to the community park for a picnic.


12pm…playing. Eric meet us at the park for lunch and the kids ran off a bunch of energy.


1pm…nap/quiet time. Back home we read books for a while then Noah went down for a nap and Olivia spent some time alone in her room playing or reading.


2pm…mommy time. I did a little reading then worked on my menu plan and grocery list. Olivia joined me around 2:30 and she colored at the kitchen table while I swept and mopped floors.


3pm…cuddle time. Noah woke up a little after 3 and was a bit grouchy. He has a hard time waking up in the afternoons and we usually cuddle on the couch together till his mood changes.


4pm…afternoon sunshine. The kids headed back outside around 4 and I decided this was the perfect time to clean out the deep freeze. It was a mess and I’m so thankful to have that job accomplished. I’m going to defrost it soon and hopefully start filling it with freezer meals and some stockpiled items before the new baby comes.


5pm…cooking. I headed back inside around 5 to start supper prep and the kids continued to play outside (we have a fenced in backyard and I love that they can run and play safely). I checked on the beans then put some veggies on to boil and mixed up a pan of cornbread. Eric was home by 5:30 and we ate soon after.


6pm…dishes. I have the best husband in the world!! He cleans the kitchen up every night after supper. We bathed the kids then headed to my husband’s office to do a little cleaning.


7pm…just hanging out. The kids usually just watch a movie in the conference room while we clean.


8pm…kids bedtime. Olivia fell asleep on the way back from the office but Noah decided he wanted a little snack before reading a few books and heading to bed. Eric started working on our taxes and I chatted with a friend online for a bit.


9pm…shower. I took a quick shower then cuddled up on the couch and turned on Netflix. Eric finished our taxes then joined me for a while.


10pm…reading/bedtime. It was closer to 11 before we actually made it to bed. Eric went right to sleep, but I stayed up and read for 30 minutes or so.

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our everyday life and didn’t get too bored 🙂

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